Using green product innovation to let your customers behave more sustainably

Manchester Institute of Innovation Research

Authors: Jonatan Pinkse & René Bohnsack

What makes customers use green products in a truly sustainable way? Green product innovation aims to design products that deliver environmental benefits to customers, such as CO2 emission reductions, improved recyclability of products, and energy savings. However, would higher adoption of green products automatically lead to the realization of a product’s environmental benefits? This depends on how customers use the product.

Increasingly the problem is not that customers do not buy green products. It is to let them use these products in a sustainable way. A Tesla is not sustainable if you drive in the ludicrous mode from 0 to 60mph in 2.7 seconds, biodegradable plastics are only recycled if they are put in the right bin, or to make it very simple: tea drinkers admit that they overfill their kettle and waste loads of energy. For a green product innovation to be…

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One thought on “Using green product innovation to let your customers behave more sustainably”

  1. Hi Jonathan, It looks like you and I are kindred spirits. Most people think that the whole Energy and Green Transition is about confinements, about cramping our style. I think quite the opposite. But we do need to start molding climate goals into concrete plans. Like in my tweet to you this morning, I am amazed by the non-cooperation by people (environmentalists etc.) who ought to care about viable plans, but aren’t. My only explanation is that they are addicted to their raison d’etre of ringing the Climate alarmbell and doing endless surveys.

    Anyway, the link I sent can be called an “everything you always wanted to know about personal mobility, but were afraid to ask the car industry, let alone extrapolate”. Cheers, Ralph


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