Recent mentions in newspapers and magazines

Over the past few months, I have contributed to several newspapers and magazines on the topics of climate change, sustainability and green mobility.

For the Telegraph, I commented on the most recent report of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) on how to create a net-zero economy: How UK businesses can be ready for climate change

For the Financial Times, I wrote a piece – Climate change isn’t just a boardroom issue, it’s a market concern – in which I explain why business hesitates to take action on climate change. The insights are based on our article on climate inaction, published in Business & Society.

I made a similar argument in Management Today – The main excuses businesses give for climate change inaction – explaining what the reasons are behind the apparent inaction of business on climate change.

I was featured in a piece for Director magazine, on the Future of business motoring. Here I give my views on the future of green mobility such as electric vehicles.


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